6 iOS 8 App Store Marketing Features

Apple is less than 24 hours from the iOS 8 release. If you haven’t submitted your iOS 8 apps for review, they’re highly unlikely to hit the market when Apple opens the gate to its new operating system on Wednesday. While app preperation should have been underway weeks ago, your iOS 8 App Store marketing planning should have, as well.

Tim Cook discussing app preview videos for the iOS 8 App StoreApple is working hard at extending app discovery beyond the top charts, which are dominated by games. The company recognizes the need for smaller developers to get a piece of the $15 billion they’ve paid out so far. That’s why iOS 8 has excited so many developers, especially with the new discoverability and marketing tools in the App Store.

Here’s a quick recap of the new iOS 8 App Store features you’ll see Wednesday:

Videos: Record a 30-second preview of your app in action, add some audio and upload into iTunes Connect. The App Store video preview should appear as a screencast and may include intro and exit slides. App video previews will be reviewed along with your screenshots during the submission process.

Explore: Apple is replacing Nearby in the App Store footer menu with Explore, a large amount of categories to help app discovery. You can’t decide which categories your app falls in to – it’s decided by an algorithm. My assumption is this is done through keywords, or maybe even description.

Related: A search for one keyword is now an extended journey, as Apple will display keywords related to your exact search. I played around related terms early on from an iOS 8 App Store optimization perspective and saw no positive effect on downloads. I’ll continue to play around with Related terms though.

Trending: Tap “Search” in the App Store and you’ll be presented with a list of 10 popular terms that people are searching. Apple is obviously doing some work on the list, which isn’t dominated by “Facebook,” “SnapChat” or other typical top apps. Related and Trending are great features you should utilize in your iOS 8 App Store optimization strategy.

Vertical Scrolling: No longer will users have to swipe to view apps in search. This will allow for quicker browsing and potentially more downloads for apps that don’t rank as well.

Dual Screenshots: App Store listings now feature multiple screenshots on the main search screen. This may have been done to incorporate the video preview. Regardless, more visual real estate to market your app in front of prospective users is key.

Are you prepared for the ios 8 release? What type of mobile marketing have you done in preparation?

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