7 Productivity Apps to Live a Mobile Lifestyle

To live a truly mobile lifestyle, you need to depend on certain things: a smartphone and/or tablet and Internet connection. Those are the basics. Disect the need even further and you’ll find apps somewhere on the list.

My quest to live a more mobile lifestyle began on May 1. While preparing for what I’m calling “The iChallenge,” I began evaluating the essential tools are I’ll need to maintain the 80/20 rule.

To be completely honest, these are seven productivity apps I already use on a daily basis. They help keep me organized and on top of projects, maintain a digital work-life balance and are just helpful, plain and simple.

Whether you use these seven apps to make your digital lifestyle become a reality or not, they may hold other purposes in your life. We could all use a little help. Isn’t that one of the main purposes of mobile? Consolidate and be accessible wherever, whenever?

Here are the seven apps on my iPhone 5 that I depend on in my digital lifestyle:

Evernote: Isn’t Dropbox user. At home, I’m living about 80% in the cloud, with only specific files left on my hard drive. DropBox’s ease of accessing files on any of my devices is the reason for this dependancy. Unlike my hard drive, DropBox also versions files I work on from their “cloud” system, giving me piece of mind should I blunder. Two of the top ways I use DropBox is to backup all of my iPhone/iPad photos and to share images and other docs.

Google Docs: I use Google heavily at my day job. While I could tap into my DropBox account to store files at work, it just feels right to use Google Docs there. I’m almost exclusively in the cloud at The Times, which allows me to leave my computer at my desk some nights. The sharing capabilities aren’t as easy as DropBox, but I love being able to edit any Google Doc from any device.

Gmail: All of my email flows into Gmail. I don’t use any other iOS apps to manage my mail. Whenever I tried, I’ve always gone back to the traditional Gmail app. One of the major reasons is because I forward about 10 different email accounts to my primary Gmail one. On the Web and in the account, when I respond to one of those emails, it’s from the email address the message was sent to and appends the proper signature.

Shoeboxed: Many of those PDFs sitting in my Evernote account are a result of Shoeboxed . This is a great resource that definitely saves me time. I either use the Shoeboxed app to snap photos of my business purchase receipts or use one of their prepaid blue envelopes to ship paper documents to their facility for scanning. Those scans are then synced with my Evernote and tags are applied automatically for organizational purposes. Not only will Shoeboxed help you live a more mobile lifestyle, but a paper-free one, as well.

Outright: We all love to make money, but managing the books is not fun at all. I tried a few online accounting resources before settling on Outright , which was snatched up by GoDaddy. From invoicing to syncing with all my business accounts, Outright is how I keep track of the money coming in and going out.

Buffer: Social media should have a larger focus in my business. Buffer is one way to get there. I’ve been using the social media scheduling service for several months now and am enjoying the ease. You connect all your social accounts to schedule messages, or let Buffer schedule them for you. Their much improved iOS app makes the service even better.

What apps do you use to maintain a digital lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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