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The downloads were consistent, but by no means an amount that excited me. I wasn’t willing to spend thousands of dollars on app marketing though, at least until our completely overhauled version was released. But that was more than two months away.

Thankfully, I had something in my back pocket, a way to improve download numbers for a small investment. Within a week, the Avis Car Rental app went from #42 in iTunes to #2 when you searched “Car Rental.” Budget Car Rental's app went from #36 to #3. Download volume spiked by 40% and reservations were up even more. Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one smiling.

What was the back-pocket secret that led to this success?

App Store Optimization Strategy

Over the past three years, I’ve mastered the art of app store optimization strategy, a marketing technique to drive organic, no-cost downloads. Think of app store optimization as the SEO of the mobile app ecosystem. With an estimated 63% of all downloads coming from app store search, optimizing your presence there is essential.

There are more than 2 million apps (and growing every day) accessible in iTunes, Google Play and others. The odds of getting randomly discovered are extremely slim. However, slim doesn’t mean impossible.

App Store Optimization Help

ASO is a mobile marketing practice that targets high propensity keywords to improve your search presence in the app stores. It’s about putting your app in front of users intent on finding an app like yours.

In Google, the first two search results receive 52% of the clicks. In the app stores, users aren’t scrolling through more than a dozen. Getting into the Top 10 is achievable with my help though. And with organic search leads converting into profitable downloads more often than paid leads, app store optimization is a marketing practice your business needs to utilize today.

ASO Success
App Store Optimization Success

BakBurner Digital's Scott Stanchak HeadshotScott Stanchak has led the mobile marketing strategy for major companies, including Avis Budget Group and The New York Times. He is also the founder of BakBurner Digital, a mobile marketing, product and business strategies company. He's recognized as one of the top ASO experts and his expertise has led to huge gains in App Store search rankings:

  • Avis - #42 to #2 for “Car Rental” in iTunes
  • Budget - #32 to #3 for “Car Rental” in iTunes
  • Brewery Passport - #1 for "Brewery" in iTunes
  • New York Times - #20 to #5 for “News” in iTunes
  • New York Times - n/r to #6 for “World Cup” in iTunes
  • Winery Passport - #2 for “Winery” in iTunes


Scott presented about App Store optimization at the world's largest mobile app conference, AppsWorld in San Francisco, in May 2015. You may view his presentation here.

ASO Strategy
What's Next?

Are you interested in ranking higher on the App Store and Google Play? How about getting more downloads? In an extremely limited opportunity, Scott is offering three two one potential client the chance to gain an ASO advantage through his app store optimization expertise. Here's the app store optimization help you'll receive:

  • 60-minute Skype, phone or in-person* consultation
  • App Store ecosystem analysis related to your categories
  • Current category & keyword ranking report
  • Competition report -- category & keyword ranking (3 max)
  • Recommended app title, description and keywords
  • Feedback on app icon and screenshots
  • Tips to improve and increase ratings and reviews
  • Methodology insight into ASO as a marketing tactic
  • One-month follow-up report
  • Exclusive retainer for follow-up consultations (billed separately)

Contact for pricing -- based on one store, one language

BlackBerry Apps World and Windows App Store optimization also available. *Location dependent

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