Apple Newsstand Takes a Backseat in iOS 8

I noticed something last week that was quite interesting while browsing the iOS 8 version of the App Store. Previously, Apple displayed five categories at the top of their main screen: All Categories, Games, Newsstand, Education, More. This included “Newsstand”.
Apple Newsstand in iOS 7 App Store
While iOS 8 wasn’t expected to have the same mass appeal as iOS 7, Apple said they believed discoverability would be the biggest benefit for developers. But now, those categories are tucked in with the rest, which means less visibility for “Games,” “Newsstand” and “Education” apps.
Apple Newsstand in iOS 8 App Store
Now I don’t think this will put a dent in games, but it’s unknown the impact on the other two categories. In fact, Apple Newsstand went from one click to view to two, as you select “Newsstand” then a topic.

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