ASO Analysis: Coin – All Your Cards, One App

ASO Analysis is a new BakBurner Digital series where mobile marketing strategist Scott Stanchak breaks down an app’s presence in the App Store. App Store Optimization is a strategic marketing technique to drive organic download through App Store search.

The Coin credit card isn’t even in anybody’s hands yet, but has already been lauded for both the way it drummed up demand and its ingenious concept of consolidating your credit, debit and other cards into one. Coin has also been criticized (rightfully so) for an attempt to ship those who paid and preordered with a beta version then charge then for the full one. (Coin has since changed their stance and are offering the full at no cost to these users.)

In order to get your hands on one of the beta Coins, the company announced you must download the Coin app, available on iOS and Android. But outside of a link to the app on their website, how discoverable is it from iTunes? A simple search for “coin” displays it outside the Top 200. Granted, it has been in the Store for less than a day, but the common name won’t help. They’ll need to rely on downloads, positive reviews (457 for 2.5 of 5) and retention to help push Coin higher for that term.

Coin App IconIcon
The first thing I notice about Coin is the icon. It is horrendous and conveys no immediate connection to their product. In fact, after I downloaded the app, I waited and waited some more, thinking the app was not downloading. Instead the icon just looks like it is sitting there on your screen waiting for a connection.

Coin App TitleTitle
The Coin product team did a good job of using the title field for extra keywords — “Coin – All Your Cards, One App” However, there is no value to any of them other than “Coin” and “card.” My suggestion: “Coin – Credit, Debit, Gift & Loyalty Card”

Coin Screenshots
The lead screenshot looks cheesy and cartoonish — fabricated. The font for the text is small and doesn’t convey what the product is. People didn’t buy Coin to store their cards in an app. They did so to consolidate cards into one. The app helps support that initiative.

Screenshot 2: Outside of the Coin logo, this screenshot serves as zero value. And no more headline text?

Screenshot 3: Didn’t we see this screenshot in 1?

Screenshot 4: Finally, a valuable screenshot.

Screenshot 5: Not sure what this is.

My suggestion is to make the screenshots a story. Use the five screenshots to walk a prospective user through the value of the app, and product itself.

Thanks to our friends at MobileDevHQ, we are able to get an idea of the keywords Coin is likely using. I’ve removed the ones from their title such as “Coin,” “Cards,” “One” and “App.”

Current: finance,shopping,shop,devise,organize,giftcard,creditcard,inlay,wearable,onecard

Suggested: mobile,payment,coins,cards,wallet,money,pay,store,reward,creditcard,giftcard,cash,device,beta,manage

Keep in mind, I already used additional keywords in the suggested title: “Coin – Credit, Debit, Gift & Loyalty Card.”

Coin App DescriptionDescription
The description doesn’t weigh into App Store optimization. They do a nice job in the lede of detailing the app, but should support it in the next paragraph by including some positive reviews of the product. Coin has been featured by every major tech publication (TechCrunch, Gizmodo, etc.). There are sure to be some amazing quotes to feature.

I also recommend Coin add support contact information to the end of their description. This could help avoid negative reviews (to some degree) and is a necessity for transparency and user comfort with an already criticized product.

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