Details of iTunes Connect for iOS 8

I’ve been curious about the new iTunes Connect features for iOS 8 since they were announced back at WWDC in early June. Among the most intriguing new additions to pique my interest were app preview videos and analytics. While details were sparse two months ago, a lot clearer picture has emerged with Apple’s full WWDC presentation being released online.

Here are some of the details related to iTunes Connect Analytics and app preview videos:

App Preview Videos

1. Should be a UI walkthrough, not an ad
2. 30 seconds long
3. Can contain music
4. Deliver in H.264 or ProRes
5. Capture from iOS 8 on OS X Yosemite

App previews will display in the App Store alongside five screenshots. It will display ahead of those screenshots and placement is not able to be controlled.

App Analytics

1. App Store Views – How many views your App Store description page received
2. App Units & Sales (Combine with views to determine conversion)
3. Installs – A purchase is singular; installs can happen on multiple devices
4. Active Devices
5. Retention (Sales/Active devices)
6. Stickiness – A measurement to determine growth
7. In-App Purchases
8. Average Sales
9. Sessions – How many opens does your app have

This data can be filtered by platform (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and region (U.S., Canada, Europe, etc.). This data is also filterable by date and time.

Sources: Where your app traffic is coming from
1. Websites – Link to your App Store page as a referrer
2. Campaign – Link with Campaign ID (You supply to the URL with the “&pid=1234&cid=Campaign_Name” attribute)

While you’ll be able to tie a campaign to purchase, you won’t be able to track other events, such as log ins, registration, etc. iAd campaigns will automatically be populated. This data is sortable by date and region.

One notable piece of source information that is missing: referring keywords. This will be the next piece of information developers and marketers clamor for — which keywords led to traffic/download/sales.

Retention: A stackable view of day-by-date retention rates.

You can watch the full WWDC presentation on the new iTunes Connect for iOS 8 here.


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    Thank you for the run-down! We’re really excited about the App video feature!

  2. 2
    Scott Stanchak

    Definitely! It’s going to be interesting to see the boundaries between movie trailer and demo.

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