Entering the World of Mobile App Development

Over the last month, I’ve begun doing extensive research related to developing mobile apps. The inquest started after reading an article by successful app developer Chad Mureta, which then prompted me to buy his book. The article and book were simplified how-to’s for creating, marketing and selling mobile apps, an essential self-help book for the industry.

I’ve always been a technology geek. In 1998 I built my first website. It wasn’t actually a website, but an interactive PowerPoint presentation that mirrored one. But I moved it to the Web a short time later and have been working in online development ever since. I didn’t create Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, all sites which were not even thoughts at the time. But I look back now and think, “I could have — and should have — came up with those ideas.”

I often think about how much the Internet has changed since 1998. Websites were one dimensional, with frames and scrolling JavaScript tickers being popular traits. We’ve come so far from that time when the Web was at its ground floor. And that is where I view mobile apps today: the ground floor.

We’re just a few years into the boom that is the world of mobile applications. Thanks to the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and to some extent, Windows Mobile 7, you no longer are restricted to a Web browser in order to gain information or play games. With one tap of your finger, the information is displayed instantly. That’s a very powerful thing.

Looking at it from a business perspective, having a mobile app is a no brainer for your loyal customer base, and enticing for your prospective one. Think about it: Every time I browse my apps, I see company logo after company logo. That’s free placement in front of my eyes every time I use my phone. It’s also one-click access to that company’s offerings.

Getting into the mobile app market was something I never thought of three months ago. Now, however, it is an exciting venture that I believe will be beneficial to not only myself, but my clients. I don’t know where the market will be one, two or even 20 years from now, but the growth chart looks promising as consumers become more mobile with their lives.

Ten years ago, I was sitting on a beach with a book in one hand and a drink in another. Today, I can sit there with a drink in one and my phone in the other. The phone has my book on it, as well as games, the Internet, my Facebook page and more. Gone are the days of paying to use an Internet cafe or lugging periodicals around in your carry-on. It’s all thanks to getting more mobile.

I already have two apps in the works, with expectations to release the first by the end of June. These apps will help me learn extensively about the marketplace, more than any book could teach me. From that, I’ll be able to pass that knowledge on to my clients as SMS Web Designs begins offering more mobile solutions.

We’re all standing at the ground floor and the framework is going up quickly around us. I’m ready to rise with the industry, innovating, transforming and ready to build some special apps. Are you?


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