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Mobile app usage is outpacing that of mobile web, meaning real estate on an individual’s device is proving even more valuable. Paying to acquire users through mobile marketing can be effective, but if your business model requires recurring payments (e.g. subscriptions), organic traffic should be your primary target.

Organic users are obtained for near zero-dollar costs through channels that are natural to the digital ecosystem. Those who come across your app because they were looking for your business, or a topic related to your business, have a higher propensity to retain. That’s why you have to be in the right place when users are trying to find your app in the App Store.

So how do you obtain these “organic” users?

Just as SEO was once the hottest thing going, and still is an important marketing tactic, there is something similar in the app store: App Store Optimization. ASO is the ability for developers and marketers to influence their app’s search ranking position in the App Store. While iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Windows Store and Blackberry Appsworld all are slightly different in what they allow you to do related to ASO, the goals all remain the same: Get your app to #1 for targeted keywords.

I’ve written about ASO in the past and those guidelines still apply today. From your app title to keywords, carefully selecting words and phrases can prove valuable in acquiring new users. But as the stores alter their algorithm to also include retention and engagement, that hinges on building a quality app. You may get a lot of downloads, but if your app isn’t very good, that’s not going to improve your positioning at all.

Over the last several years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching App Store Optimization, chatting with many of the top names in the industry to understand the marketing method at a deeper level. This has led to some tremendous success in the app stores, both related to those BakBurner Digital has released and the ones the companies I’ve worked for have.

I love this stuff. It’s exciting to implement app store optimization strategy and see downloads increase. It’s motivating to see your app rise above big name brands, where the web space proves harder and less like the Wild West.

That’s why I’m offering five businesses the limited opportunity to work with me on ASO strategy to improve their search rankings, and ultimately increase downloads. I’ll provide the App Store optimization help to guide these businesses with the personal knowledge that has helped Fortune 500 brands rise near the top.

I’ll provide a detailed ASO report for your app, your competitors and recommendations. We’ll spend time in person (depending on location) or on the phone discussing ASO tactics and what needs to be done on your part to improve your presence in the app store. One month later, I’ll follow-up to see how performance has improved.

I’ve created a separate App Store Optimization strategy page that details this opportunity. I look forward to working with you and helping increase your organic download numbers.

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    Normally, I think the last thing marketing needs is another acronym, but that is so not the case here! Companies really should focus on ASO if they are developing mobile apps on any platform.

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