Mobile App Marketing Podcasts Worth Listening To

I used to sit in front of the mic. I’d be in a small studio, talking to thousands of people, each word flowing from my mouth to their ears. I loved the radio medium, outside of the minimal pay, of course. There was a sense of freedom having a conversation with yourself, knowing that people actually were listening to what you had to say in order to take their minds off everyday life.

My radio days are now behind me, but I have an appreciation for those still in the business. I also respect those who are creating their own “radio” content in the form of podcasts.

A podcast allows anyone with an idea, microphone and computer to record their own personal “radio” show. It’s fascinating actually. Back in the day, it took countless demo tapes, letters and meetings to get behind the mic. Now you just need those three things: an idea, microphone and computer.

I got into podcasts about a year ago. My commute from home to work was a 40 minute dredge in the car. Podcasts would take my mind off the frustration of sitting in traffic and provide value in terms of entertainment and education. While my commute is now much longer since I travel into New York City every day, podcasts now also provide a comfort.

There are two mobile app marketing podcasts that feature the aforementioned attributes: Mobile App Chat and App Store Optimization.

Mobile App Chat Podcast

Steve P. Young’s podcast is by far the best mobile app marketing podcast on iTunes today. Steve turned a hobby of his into a business and now a podcast. The real value is the knowledge provided by Steve’s guests, which have included experts from Yahoo!, Shazam, Songza and more.

The great part about Mobile App Chat is you get to hear from the indy developer to the multimillion dollar brand executive. That way you’ll hear about the conceptual phase someone goes through before building an app, how someone with a small budget markets their app and the thoughts major brands have post-success.

Steve does a great job communicating with his guests, keeping the conversation flowing and never taking himself too seriously. He genuinely wants to know what the guests have to say, as if he’s interviewing them to gain his own expertise in the mobile app arena, which he is. That, in turn, benefits all of his listeners.

New episodes of Mobile App Chat can be heard weekly. I suggest you take a listen to episode 52 of Mobile App Chat, which I was a guest on. I also interviewed Steve for the BakBurner Digital blog.

App Store Optimization Podcast

The App Store Optimization Podcast from Gabriel Machuret was the first (that I know of) mobile app marketing podcast to hit iTunes. I was actually really excited when I first discovered Gabrielle’s show, as I find the app store optimization space extremely fascinating. It is, after all, organic traffic aquired at the lowest cost possible: free.

Each episode, Gabriel offers a mix of content, ranging from his own expertise in the ASO world to interviews with experts in the space. I’ve always found this information valuable enough to pick up a tip or two in each episode.

If you don’t mind horrible mic conditions and bad jokes (okay, we all love bad jokes), then the App Store Optimization Podcast is worth a few megs of space on your device. Gabriel doesn’t release new episodes on a regular basis so you’ll have to keep an eye out in your podcast queue.

Do you know of another mobile app marketing podcast that we missed? What is your favorite podcast? Let us know today.

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