Mover Review: An Efficient Data Transfer Solution

I am protective of several things in my life: family, friends, my dog and data. Earlier this month, I wrote about the steps I go through to protect and create backups of certain data. One of the tools mentioned was Mover, which claims to move your files from one cloud service to another. In the few weeks I’ve been using Mover, that claim has been 100 percent accurate, and the service is an essential data transfer solution to my business.

Mover is a data transfer solution serviceMy main usage for Mover has been transferring MySQL data to a cloud server on a daily basis. This transfer creates a backup of all the data, which is modified hundreds of times a day. I had been looking for a similar such tool for quite some time, but couldn’t find one that suited my needs — cost effective and no maintenance. HostGator, which manages our VPS, has one option, but it is manual. I thought about hiring someone on oDesk to write a script, but that didn’t seem ideal enough.

Mover, which claims to use military grade security, does not store or access any of the data it touches. They just copy it from one place and put it in another. I spoke Mover’s Elliot Gatt about the company’s security practices, some use cases and how they’re spreading the word about the service.

Give me the short pitch on what Mover is and why people should be using it.

Mover exists to better your relationship with data. Our software empowers people and companies to move large volumes of data freely in, out, and between cloud services. As Managed Data Movement specialists, we offer swift, simple and secure solutions. No downloads, no installs.

Was Mover a personal issue resolver or more business opportunity?

Created out of necessity – our founders wanted to move data easily and securely but couldn’t find a solution – so they built one. The business opportunity was obvious, so Mover was born.

Process efficiency has become a popular online business area in recent years. That’s why companies such as IFTTT and Zapier are successful. What type of response have you received from users in regards to helping make their lives easier?

User responses have been very positive. Here are some client examples:
“Transferring hundreds of gigabytes of video files manually from Dropbox to Box would have been a monumental task. With Mover I was able to set up the transfer with a few clicks and get back to what I was working on. I can’t think of an easier way. I highly recommend it!” Andrew Follett, DemoDuck

“We moved our team of five from Dropbox for Teams to our new team account with Box in just a few hours. I started the transfer for each employee at the end of the business day and it was auto-magically completed when I got back to my desk the next morning. This saved us hours and hours of manually moving folders from individual computers one at a time into Box. Well worth the money for this short-term project.” David Limiero, Stadia

What are some of the best use cases for Mover?

Our three best use cases for Mover users, are migrations, backups and incremental transfers.

When companies need to migrate data (moving files cloud to cloud), whether it be to move large amounts of data, or to switch from a storage provider that no longer meets their needs, to another, they look to Mover to make the migration fast, efficient, and cost effective, while staying compliant with internal policies and external regulations.

Mover customers can also use our app to schedule backups and incremental transfers that will happen automatically, saving them time and money.

Right now, users can only run a workflow to move one folder (or directory) at a time. Are there any plans to expand to multiple file and folder selection?

This is something we’re looking to add, and we are working on making some underlying changes to allow us to support it now. We don’t have a timeline for this yet, but it’s definitely coming down the pipe.

One thing that’s frustrating is not being able to edit a scheduled transfer after it’s been created. Having to recreate the transfer from scratch doesn’t seem efficient for me as a user. Is that something that will be addressed?

This is currently being worked on, and should be available in the near future.

Security is going to be a concern for some. Mover obviously has to touch the data it transfers, but what secure methods are utilized to ensure privacy?

We’ve taken every effort to make sure our user’s data is secure. We use platform-wide 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your data. Direct authorization credentials are secured by AES-256. Data is protected as our file-moving and API servers are not externally accessible. Each transfer we perform employs end-to-end file encryption.

What are some of the popular online services that your customers are clamoring for you to be able to integrate their Mover account with?

Photo sharing sites are probably the next popular request after what we already cover like: Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and 500px.

We are seeing the most traction from our enterprise level clients. These are typically small-to medium-sized companies with multiple users (10 to 1,000) working with massive amounts of data. They turn to Mover for a managed data movement solution. This is our specialty. We host our simple step-by-step solution on our platform, which means no installs or downloads to contend with. We do the heavy lifting for our customers. We also work closely with our enterprise clients to create customized solutions that meet each organization’s specific requirements.

Mover has made some acquisitions lately. Talk about those.

We used to operate a separate product, named Backup Box. We recently brought this under the Mover brand.

From a marketing perspective, talk about building your user base and the methods you’ve used to spread the word about Mover.

Customers love our product, and share that love online. We help accelerate that process with a carefully crafted social media strategy. We keep users connected with our company blog.

Our website is currently undergoing a complete revamp in an effort to enhance our offering and user experience. We’re excited to see it go live.

Also, in the very near future we will be launching Platinum Partnership Program. As part of this new program, Mover’s data migration software is embedded within the partner’s site, thereby streamlining the process to deliver faster and easier secured transfer of digital files.. This direct integration will enable Platinum Partners to rapidly onboard new customers by reducing barriers to file migration.

How do you use Mover to create efficiency in your life? Let us know in the comment’s below.

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