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Email is an essential task engrained into each of our lives. It creates communication between friends, family, co-workers, businesses and more. Yet, email is also time consuming, and not just cleaning up the unwanted messages, but sending and organizing the important ones that impact your life.

Last month, I discovered a solution to helps increase email productivity. Right Inbox is a browser plug-in for Chrome and FireFox that integrates with Gmail, arguably the most popular email service provider. Right Inbox offers users a number of useful features, including email tracking (they’ll notify you when your message is opened by the recipient), email reminders (don’t hear back from the recipient by a given time and they’ll inform you) and email scheduling (when you have a message written, but don’t want it sent just yet).

I’ve tried all three features and they worked perfectly. Being able to schedule messages will allow me to set up important release notifications ahead of time. When it’s time for them to send, Right Now will take care of that automatically. I’ll also be able to keep on top of clients I haven’t heard back from with the reminder notifications. We’re all too busy sometimes to keep tabs — although I try my darnedest — on every single communication we send out. Right Inbox helps get us one step closer to making that possible.

A suggestion I have for users though is to set up a label in Gmail for your Right Inbox receipts. When a customer opens an email, their system sends you one. This will help file those from bogging down your inbox.

I spoke with Right Inbox’s Daniel Larsson to learn more about their product and what’s next:

What prompted you to create Right Inbox?

We sometimes communicate with people from different cities all around the world for business purposes. Not only it looks unprofessional and kind if creepy to send emails at odd times, but also the communication becomes prone to losing traction. Delivery time has a significant effect on success of email correspondence. Basically, there is always a noteworthy difference between sending an email early in the morning or in the middle of evening. So, we were interested in scheduling email delivery. Once we checked out existing solutions for our needs, we were unsatisfied because we were interested in a lightweight solution that integrates with Gmail seamlessly, that’s how Right Inbox was born.

There are a number of other similar services. What makes Right Inbox standout from the crowd?

We offer three main features. Email scheduling, email tracking and email reminders. None of our competitors provide those three services at the same time. Also, I believe our cost is very competitive, especially for Google Apps users. (SS Note: I can completely verify this. Out of all the service’s I’ve investigated, Right Inbox is the only one to offer all three.)

I love how Right Inbox looks in my Gmail. How important was the design?

We were expecting most of our future users would be people who spend lots of time with their emails. In order to have a better acceptance of our service, it was clear that we should show utmost care not to interfere with their current behaviors. So, our initial motivation was to create a very welcoming user interface. We put lots of energy to make our service easy to use that integrates with Gmail very well.

What type of people use your service: Business professionals, students, or just plain everyone?

There is wide range of users who benefits from Right Inbox. Especially businesses that need to follow up with their customers like travel agencies or real estate agencies find great value in our services.

Talk a little about the security aspect. What should users know about how you integrate with their email?

Neither of Right Inbox’s functionality requires storing any of your personal data. To be able to send scheduled messages, we only hold message IDs, which are text files containing random identification strings with a value of nothing. We don’t store any details after your message is sent. Also we follow industry standard encryption practices so your data is always safe. Needless to say, all our actions are back traceable by Google.

What is your best email organization tip?

Deferring emails is a very useful technique. You may remove non-urgent messages from your inbox and receive a reminder later. You can just use labels for this purpose or better off Right Inbox’s reminder feature.

What is the most user requested feature not in your services list?

We frequently receive requests of more date&time options for scheduling emails and setting reminders. Although it is relatively easy to add more options, we are a bit skeptical, because we never want to end up with a complicated user experience. So we are delaying those requests until we are sure of a proper way of handling this.

So then, what’s next for Right Inbox?

We are planning to add email tracking reports for those who send emails quite often. We believe this feature will help analysing marketing efforts.

Right Inbox is available for FireFox and Chrome. Give it a try for free today. As someone who is always looking to simplify tasks that take place on a regular basis, I highly recommend it.


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