Preparing Your iOS 9 Mobile Marketing Strategy

We are only in January, five months after iOS 8 was released, and there are already rumors of when iOS 9 will hit the market. The popular Apple blog, Cult of Mac, is reporting that iOS 9 has begun showing up in the device report of several Google Analytics dashboards. Even began running with the story, which was first uncovered by popular Czech blog, letemsvetemapplem.

While it’s hard to prepare any iOS 9 mobile marketing plans just yet, we can at least start to speculate. Here’s what we know:

iOS 9 Release Date: Expected to be released to developers in June at the World Wide Developer Conference. Public release could come in August or early September.

Why Now: Apple is still several months away from announcing anything, that doesn’t mean they aren’t testing anything internally. Not every site will begin seeing iOS 9 data. It’s not surprising though that the popular, Cult of Mac, blog is as it’s familiar to a majority of Apple employees.

What To Expect: Apple’s release of iOS 8 didn’t have all the fanfare that iOS 7 did. While iOS 7 was a much more consumer focused release, iOS 8 was more targeted at improving App Store search. I don’t expect this release to be as big as either of those. It will likely focus on the integration with Apple Watch, since that could be released in March, meaning a majority of the tie-in functionality to the iPhone has to either be built in or will require a major update. I also expect them to start sorting through, and potentially removing, some of the standard apps on the device.

The new OS should also have some better tie-ins to data, which should start flowing into iTunes Connect analytics whenever that’s released. That was announced in June, yet we’re still waiting. I can confirm that Apple has been verifying data for accuracy, but no release date has been set.
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