The Importance of Podcasts in My Life

I spend upwards of 90 minutes in the car each day. It used to drive me crazy and not just because the roads I cruise are in New Jersey. I believe commuters get angry or aggravated behind the wheel because they’re bored. After all, I’m basically sitting behind a moving window for that hour and half. Since you can’t, nor should you, browse your phone while driving and music is only entertaining for so many days in a row, what else is there to do?

A friend had always recommended I give podcasts a shot. Talk radio? No, thank you… or so I thought. But I ended up downloading a few episodes of random shows and absolutely love it. Now, I actually look forward to getting into the car and putting on a podcast. I love the variety and knowledge the shows I listen to provide. It actually introduces value to my commute rather than solely entertainment.

That value is key because driving is really a mundane task. If you don’t use the time in the car to relax, then how can you make it mean something? How can you make the time part of your efficiency goals? Simple. Gain knowledge, insight and information, which podcasts can supply.

The podcasts I’ve become partial to are mostly related to the business industry, but there are some to help break up the genre every now and then — remember the music comment earlier? The following is a list of my preferred podcasts. Try them out and even download some of your own. Build a library that updates regularly to the point where you won’t go one commuting day without an episode you’ll look forward to. That drive doesn’t sound so boring anymore does it?

App Store Optimization: I really enjoy Gabriel Machuret’s weekly podcast on App Store optimization techniques. He offers valuable insight as to how to improve your rankings. Gabriel also does some great interviews with top industry experts. My only gripe is his audio isn’t the best quality.

The Dave Ramsey Show: This is one of the best financial podcasts out there. Dave Ramsey teaches people about saving for the future and becoming debt free. He also has great tips each episode for real world financial issues.

Smart Passive Income: Pat Flynn is the man when it comes to setting up passive income streams. He brings in tens of thousand of dollars each month through different projects and marketing techniques that require little to no effort post-setup. Pat talks about those techniques in his show, as well as to others who have similar passive income streams.

Tom Green Radio: This is my break-up-the-week show. Tom Green is one of my favorite comedians. His work in the late 90s was some of the most unique television around. Tom’s podcast features interviews with celebs as he reminisces about the past.

How to do Everything: Did you ever want to know why cutting an onion makes you cry? How about ways to win your school talent show? Random, yes. But so good. Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag host HTDE, which features interviews with those who have the answers to those random questions.

Seth Godin’s Startup School: Seth’s podcast is all about startup success. His latest company, Squidoo, is one of the top websites in the U.S. and he is recognized as a best-selling author. Seth’s insight into taking your business from paper to reality, then cultivating it to success, is tremendous.

This is Your Life (Michael Hyatt): The former CEO has many years experience when it comes to personal development, leadership and productivity. Michael’s weekly show talks about leading a better life and focusing on the things that matter. Each show I learn at least two things new or try in my professional life.

What podcasts do you listen to often? Any I should give a chance? Let me know.

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