The Mobile Lifestyle – Eliminating Computer for iPad

I made writing a weekly blog post on this BakBurner blog a goal of mine this year. I have failed, but am taking steps to get back on track and am close to releasing Winery Passport and Brewery Passport on Android. 

One thing I realized over the last three months is I’m in front a computer a lot. It drains my attention and just isn’t good for my mind and body. Between my 1:30 bus trip into the city, full day at work, one hour trip home and at least two hours at night, I am on a computer a lot.

Mentally, I was exhausting myself. There was literally no break outside of the 1:30 I spent with my wife and son when I got home. I felt it wearing me down and knew things had to change, because I was doing this to myself through choices.

There’s a great new book coming out that discusses how most of us aren’t busy. Busy, in many cases, is a product of choices. In my case, I chose to be on the computer to work on BakBurner Digital in the morning, on the way home and at night. This work is important to me, it is both rewarding and challenging while continuing to educate me in the mobile space. 

I had to find the balance between all the work in my life and doing the other things I wanted to do: reading, writing and, in some cases, just relaxing.

This change started with a conversation with my wife. During that chat I told her I was thinking about limiting the computer time in my life. Without hesitation, she agreed it would be a good thing. That led me to a couple of decisions:

1. I could not limit the time during my day job’s MacBook Pro, at least for now. That time, however, was mostly spent at the office. 

2. While I could limit myself on the computer, I couldn’t completely lose the time I’m not in front of it. That’s why I am going to try to go 80% iPad and 20% computer. Most of what I do on the computer can be done on the iPad, with the exception of any Xcode or Photoshop work. That leads me to…

3. I need to outsource work more. I’ve already documented the things I was spending a lot of time doing that I would rather not. Some of these tasks I’ve hired for and am making plans for the others.

My goal is to start this 80/20 transition on May 1. I’m calling it the iChallenge. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, as well as get back into the swing of writing regularly. My next post is already being written: what tools do I use to make my life and business more mobile.

I write this on the bus, where the guy in the seat in front of me is tapping away on his computer Evernote. I wrote this from my iPad and iPhone. I think I’ll be alright.

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